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Order of the rector UrFU on holding the TIM'2018 Conference

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VII All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference of Students, Graduate Students and Young Scientists (TIM'2018)

The modern applied problems of theory and practice in the fields of metallurgical heat engineering, automation systems and information for a wide range of applications were discussed in the TIM'2018 Conference. The conference was held in the form of two breakout sessions. In Session 1, 94 reports were presented on the "Actual problems of heat engineering and ecology of metallurgical production," and in Session 2, 27 reports were presented on the "Automation and information systems in education, science and industry." The organizing committee of the conference received 121 reports from 221 participants coming from 10 different countries—Australia, Algeria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, and South Africa. Among the conference participants and authors of the reports were several well-known scientists and specialists and their young colleagues including the graduate, undergraduate and senior students of the universities.

Conference topics:
Heat engineering and ecology of metallurgical production; information systems and technologies in education, science and production; development of the theory of heat and mass transfer in relation to pyrometallurgical technologies; improvement of existing and development of resource- and energy-saving, environmentally safe technologies and designs of units in pyrometallurgy; mathematical modeling of thermophysical processes and software development to solve complex technological problems for control of complex energy-saturated high-temperature units and their complexes in metallurgy.

Conference date:
17–18 May 2018

Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Editor: Nikolai Spirin (Spirin N.A.)
Organizer: Ural Federal University
Sponsor: Ural Federal University

Improvement of Calculation Methods for Heat Transfer Factor in Iron Ore Pellet Bed
E. G. Dmitrieva, V. S. Shvydkii, S. Ya. Zhuravlev, and I. V. Plesakin

A Relation Between the Flow Density and Flame Length in the Work Space of the Bath Smelting Furnace
Vladimir Shvydkii, Vladislav Lavrov, Ilya Glukhov, and Marina Ivanova

Mathematical Model of Limestone Calcining in the Shaft Furnace
Vladimir Shvydkii, Sergei Kudelin, and Vladislav Noskov

Mathematical Model of Heat Exchange and Approximate Methods of Solution of Radiation Transfer Equation in the Melting Furnace Tank
Vladimir Shvydkii, Evgeniy Kiselev, Vyacheslav Dudko, and Elizaveta Solnceva

Increasing Energy Efficiency of Electric Arc Foundry Furnaces
S. Timoshenko, M. Gybinskyi, Yu. Yaroshenko, and T. Vvedenska

Non-standard Heating System of Chamber Heat-treatment Furnace with Fixed Hearth
Mikhail Kazyaev, Evgeny Kiselev, Danila Spitchenko, and Aleksandr Vokhmyakov

Use of Non-distractive Testing AU-E Technology to Evaluate Hearth Conditions at CherMK–SEVERSTAL
E. Vinogradov, M. Karimov, Y. Gordon, A. Sadri, and N. Spirin

Manganese Ore Thermal Treatment Prior to Smelting
Yakov Gordon, Johannes Nell, and Yury Yaroshenko

Methodology for Cokemaking Technology Selection
Yakov Gordon, Rick Brown, John Busser, Ian Cameron, and Michiel Freislich

Study of Decarbonization Processes During Siderite Ore Roasting
Boris Yur'ev and Vyacheslav Dudko

Logical-mathematical Evaluation Model of Blast-furnace Melting Operation
Nikolay Spirin, Oleg Onorin, Ivan Gurin, Ladislav Lazic, and Alexander Istomin

Structure of the Optimal Management System for Raw Materials, Fuel and Energy Resources in Blast-furnace Production
Nikolay Spirin, Oleg Onorin, Ivan Gurin, Vladislav Lavrov, and Kirill Shchipanov

Technical Upgrading and Thermal Performance of Heating Furnace of the Pipe Rolling Workshop
Natalia Shchukina, Nikolay Loshkarev, Vladislav Lavrov, and Nikolay Spirin

Study of Thermal Performance of Modern Design of the Drum-type Batch Furnace
Nadezhda Cheremiskina, Nikolay Loshkarev, Vladislav Lavrov, and Nikolay Spirin

Mathematical Model of Heat Exchange of a Plasma Furnace
E. A. Devyatykh, T. O. Devyatykh, and A. N. Boyarsky

Overview of Technologies for Extraction of Platinum Group Metals from Poor Raw Materials
E. A. Devyatykh, T. O. Devyatykh, and A. N. Boyarsky

Research of Magnetizing Roasting of Iron Ore Before Beneficiation and Dephosphorizing
Lik Zajnullin, Vladimir Karelin, Artem Epishin, Tayeb Belghait, and Evgeniy Kurt

Iron Ore Dephosphorization of Gara Djebilet Deposit By Hydrometallurgical Method
Lik Zajnullin, Vladimir Karelin, Artem Epishin, Chen Kai, and Bakhodur Malikbaev

Developing Effective Roll Cooling Systems Based on Computational Simulation
Yuri Lipunov, Sergey Shikhov, Evgeniy Kiselev, Konstantin Lipunov, and Valeria Kuznetsova

Adaptation of Radiative Properties of the End Products of Fuels Combustion within the Temperature Range of 1,000…2,000 K
E. V. Toropov, L. E. Lymbina, and Yu. G. Yaroshenko

Plate Heat-exchangers in Modern Waste Heat Recovery Systems of Hot Blast Stoves and Other Metallurgical Equipment
Maxim Aksyushin, Mikhail Kalugin, Eduard Ryabov, and Yury Yaroshenko

Modeling of Gravitational Separation By the Method of Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics (SPH)
V. P. Tsymbal, P. A. Sechenov, and A. A. Olennikov

Investigation of Structure, Chemical and Phase Composition of Silicon Spring Steel Scale
M. V. Temlyantsev, K. S. Konoz, O. V. Kuznetsova, V. B. Deev, and E. Ya. Zhivago

Study of Heat Exchange Processes During Roasting of Iron-ore Pellets
Boris Yur'ev and Vyacheslav Dudko

Optimization of Technologies of Section Rolling By the Conditions of Saving Energy Resources using the Expert System
Anastasia Lugovik, Sergey Kudelin, Yuri Inatovich, and Andrey Bondin

Mathematical Modeling of Determining the Composition of the Charge in the Cross Section of the Blast Furnace
Aleksandr Zelepukin, Kseniya Pykhteeva, Sergei Zagainov, and Boris Tleugabulov

Development of Measures to Improve the Efficiency of Using Pulverized Coal in Blast Furnace Smelting
Michail Polovets, Konstantin Mironov, Sergei Zagainov, and Boris Tleugabulov

Modeling of Metallurgical Process of Copper Fire Refining
V. G. Lisienko, S. I. Holod, and V. P. Zhukov

The Comparison of Two Calculation Methods of Billets Heating in Furnaces with the Help of Zone and FVM Methods
V. Lisienko, G. Malikov, and A. Titaev

Study of Combustion Properties for Cokes with Various Grain Size Composition
V. I. Matukhin, S. Ya. Zhuravlev, A. V. Khandoshka, and A. V. Matukhina

BAT According to Climatic Neutrality of Production of Steel Products
V. G. Lisienko, Ya. M. Shchelokov, Yu. N. Chesnokov, and A. V. Lapteva

Specific Features of Thermal Systems of Induration Machines for Pellet Production from Iron-ore Concentrates of Different Types
V. V. Bragin, A. A. Solodukhin, A. V. Starodumov, Yu. G. Yaroshenko, Celso de Jesus Silva, and Gunter Costa Oliveire Hahn

Mathematical Model of Metal Heating in the Continuous Walking Beam Reheating Furnace
N. B. Loshkarev, V. А. Noskov, and G. М. Druyhinin

Influence of Silicon on Thermal Conductivity at Room Temperature of Al–Si–Fe Alloys
A. S. Zhilin, Li Jianguo, V. R. Yalunina, D. S. Varlamenko, V. A. Bykov, and E. V. Derevjankin

Influence of Silicon on Temperature Dependence of Thermal Conductivity of Al–Si–Fe Alloys
A. S. Zhilin, Li Jianguo, V. R. Yalunina, V. V. Tokarev, V. A. Bykov, and V. P. Shveikin